Company profile

Hongxiangyuan Technology is an ODM manufacturer of intelligent terminal solutions focusing on hardware research and development, combining Internet technology and thinking, focusing on network communication, mobile terminals, industrial control, medical electronics, finance and other fields. Mainly dedicated to the development, design and ODM integrated delivery of motherboard solutions for smart phones, tablets, translators, smart wear, and data terminals in logistics, medical care, finance, supermarket retail and other industries, so as to vigorously promote cloud, IoT control core, connection People and people, people and things and things and things, comprehensively enhance the development and development of technology.

  • Shenzhen Hongxiangyuan Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2018, is headquartered in Shenzhen Yishang 3D Industrial Park, and has R&D centers in Shanghai and Changsha;
  • Senior R&D technical team, the company has more than 135 people, including more than 106 R&D personnel, and the R&D investment accounts for 5%/year;
  • Innovation is committed to 4G/5G smart phones, tablets, smart wearables and other consumer terminals, 4G/5G logistics, medical handheld PDAs, financial tablets, law enforcement instruments and other industry terminals, as well as differentiated customized motherboard solution design and ODM integrated delivery;
  • Obtained Taiwan MediaTek (MTK) and UNISOC 4G/5G Licenses
  • The shipment volume is about 2.4-2.8 million pieces per year, and the terminal products are sold to Europe, the United States, Latin America, South America, Africa and other regions except China;
  • National high-tech enterprise, passed ISO9001 quality system certification;
Our  Cultural values

A high-quality enterprise of the new generation of intelligent hardware


Let more consumers enjoy high-quality technology life


Excellent intelligent terminal solution provider


Grow together with customers

Our  Organization

Let employees give full play to their strengths and support strategic goals.

Our  Honors

Since its establishment in January 2018, it has obtained 5 invention patents, 4 integrated circuit layout design qualifications, 30 utility model patents, 8 appearance patents, and 26 software copyrights.

Our  Partners

We adhere to a consistent open attitude and use a turnkey approach to cooperate with customers sincerely

  • mediatek
  • ziguan
  • 1micron
  • 5sk
  • 7sumsung
  • 12kingstion
  • 2truly
  • 8holitech
  • zuoyi
  • leshi
  • sugar
  • feilipu
  • xiaolajiao
  • 9sky
  • duowei
  • jinli
  • kangjia
  • yidong
  • dianxin
  • liantong
  • kedaxuefei
  • youboxun
  • sibito
  • 联新
  • 3umidigi
  • 5ulefone
  • reeder
  • mobile
  • telcel
  • cubot
Our  Advantages

We adhere to a consistent open attitude and use a turnkey approach to cooperate with customers sincerely

R&D capabilities on all platforms

Have MTK and UNISOC 4G/5G full series of licenses

Global supply chain integration capabilities

The core resources have established strategic cooperation, with stable supply and cost advantages, as well as timely delivery.

Rapid product definition and development capabilities

Quickly realize customized development of customer products, and optimize design costs

Hardware stability, software customization development ability

Strict R&D project development process, rich experience in motherboard design and quality control

Certification Advantages

With Google Mada, and professional domestic and overseas network access certification personnel

Mechanical reliability

SMT equipment

Environmental reliability

Shipping reliability

Lifetime reliability